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Memory Game BUNDLE

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What is better than one Christmas Memory Game? TWO Christmas Memory Games!

That's right. Start your collection with the Traditional version and the Australian version.

Maybe one for you and one for your nieces and nephews? Or both for you? Whatever you decide I promise you will not be disappointed.

Memory is hands down my kids favourite game, probably because they are better at it than me. The objective of the game is to turn over the cards and find pairs. The person at the end of the game with the most pairs wins. Longer instructions are included with the game.

Recommended for ages 2 to 202, although there are so many extra ways you can use the cards to engage your kids imagination.

If you have smaller children you can reduce the amount of playing cards until they have the patience for a longer game.

You can use them as flash cards, snap cards or for other memory games.

Card designs all thought up by Will, Indie, Zahli and Lucie.
The amazingly beautiful artwork is by Perth illustrator, Paula Kuka.

* Cards are 5cm x 5cm and made from premium, durable, 900gsm, recycled cardstock.
* Designed and illustrated in Australia.
* Made ethically in China in an environmentally responsible manner.