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Scented Candle • Frosted Glass

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• Cabarita - Japanese Honeysuckle

Hands up who loves Japanese Honeysuckle? Then this candle is for you! 

This is Sandys all time favourite scent so of course we named it after her favourite beach and also the destination where she married the man of her dreams  

On first sniff you are welcomed with jasmine, grape and vanilla but as the candle burns the softer smells of cedarwood, pine and mandarin will flood your senses  

• Avoca - Oriental Myrrh

This is the smell for those who love a deep yet subtle scent. On first sniff you’ll be carried away on a journey to vanilla and musk land but as the candle burns its way through you will pick up on the more subtle rose and cedarwood aromas.

It’s traditional name is Oriental Myrrh and Musk but we have named it after Laura’s favourite childhood beach, Avoca Beach in NSW. The candle gives the house a welcome feeling and makes you sniff the air the breathe It all in. 

These candle is 330g and made from Soy Wax. It has a burn time of up to 50 hours. Dimensions of jar are (with lid): 90mm x 110mm and (no lid): 90mm x 95mm.